The still young company PALKA Messtechnik is a family-owned enterprise and was founded 2010.
Whose creative heads have experience over 40 years in the field of measurement instrumentation: Special constructions of the measurement devices for the practice.

From this experiences grown several patents.

Further we characterized by custom-made productions, manufacturing on technologically advanced level with huge flexibility and short delivery times.

With the new developed clearance groove measuring “UniMessFix” we facilitate the production workers and the technicians an exact measure of the width and layer of the clearance groove / clearance groove / groove width / groove- and web width dimensions on the inside and outside of the work piece.

With the “MuliMessFix” there is an additional cut-in diameter and length measurement respectively height determination measurable on the precision turnings and work pieces.
The measure is non-destructive.

On your request we develop fitted measure demands as well special measure systems.

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